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Good to hear from you Oli! :D

What started to look like a drifting exercize the night before(rain) turned out to be perfect conditions(68-75 degrees).
Because of Mom's day, the turnout was only 31(8 in advanced) tons of track time.

I had the Toyo's this time and get this, I ran best of 1:47.020 and consistant 1:48's on a full session 11 lap trial...very pleased! :jammin: :jammin: :jammin:

You really need to come out...the people are top notch and food is xlnt! :D

My Bud was pretty bummed with his times so seeing I wasn't going to break into the 1:46's put on the streets and made consistant 1:51's(talk about pushing) thing however, I found some lagging do to my intake coupler poping off throughtout...this may have stopped my quest for the 1:46 I was looking for! :roll:

Let me know what track next!

Hasta for now---Ed

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These are the track records as posted by

General Class Timing Name Car # Laptime Speed Make Model Year Tires HP
T2 Rupert Bragg-Smith 01:45.314 75.2 Lola 2.0 liter SR 1977 Slicks 170
T5 Rupert Bragg-Smith 696 01:48.725 72.84 Chevrolet Corvette 2001 Race 400
T7 Aaron Bitterman 01:51.177 71.24 Honda S2000 2003 Race 240
T5 David Kennedy (davepk) 71 01:51.886 70.79 Honda S2000 2000 Race 340
T5 John Wurth (fluxen) 01:52.407 70.46 Chevrolet T1 Z06 2001 Race 405

This table probably will not format right, but Rupert, the track designer has two of the records. One is 1:45 in an older Lola and the other is a 148.7 in a Z06 with race tires.

So Ed, be proud. You smoked us at Buttonwillow last month and now you kicked ash at Spring Mountain.
:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

I need to work on my driving. I don't intend to let you run unfettered at the top of the timing board. :mah: :mah: :mah:

Mothers day kept me away, too, otherwise I would have been there to push you into 1:46! Right after my 1:45 of course!!!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
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