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On October 14th a prototype of Volkswagen's new W12 Coupe in the final stages of development set the world speed record for distance covered in "24 hours".
The 440 kW/600 bhp twelve-cylinder sports car covered 7,085.7 kilometres (4,402.8 miles) at an average speed of 295.24 km/h (183.45 mph).

It thus toppled the previous record by a margin of twelve km/h (7.5 mph).
In the Volkswagen W12 Coupe capable of 350 km/h (217 mph), which had not been specially prepared for the long-distance record bid, the team of drivers also set two other world records (over 5,000 kilometres and 5,000 miles) and six
international vehicle class records. The class record for "12 hours" had already been broken in a trial run.

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teamzr1 said:
Yes ZR-1 had several world records.


The '90 ZR-1 broke the following records.
100 Miles @ 175.600 MPH*
500 Miles @ 175.503 MPH
1000 Miles @ 174.428 MPH
5000 KM @ 175.710 MPH
5000 Miles @ 173.791 MPH
12 Hours Endurance @ 175.523 MPH
24 Hours Endurance @ 175.885 for 4,221.256 Miles

Records Irrespective of Category or Class

5000 KM @ 175.710
5000 Miles @ 173.791**
4,221.256 Miles @ 175.885 MPH

*I think this was broken a couple of years ago by Ferrari but was insignificant to the ZR-1 community.

**Even though the "test of endurance" was for 24 hours, the car was running well so they drove the car to the 5000 mile mark for shits and giggles.

The thing to remember is that a production LT5 motor was pulled off the line at Mercury Marine with very little prep or modification in a production Corvette also with little modification. This VW is a prototype that may never see the light of day as was the previous record holder before the ZR-1.

Until somebody pulls a car off of a production line with a production engine, the ZR-1 will still be the "KING OF THE HILL" in my book.
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