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Last Sunday, Corvette Mike of Anaheim had a very large turnout for a charity run to Coronado, CA.

Over 100 Corvettes gathered at Mike's Dealership in Anaheim, for coffee, rolls and chat.

I got to see my first Callaway C12, loaned to Mike by Reeves Callaway for the ride. The Anaheim police stopped traffic for the 100+ cars until we got on the freeway. We stopped to pick up more folks midway, including RK Sports' altered C5 Supercharged C5. Very nice hood with 427 styling.

Bob told me the supercharger is not ready for prime time. (Where have I heard this before?)

We ended up at the Hotel Del Coronado, built in the 19th Century, but still one of the finest hotels in the World.

The event raised over $13,000 for abused children with a football signed by Vince Ferigamo (spelling) over $1000.

A former Vice President of General Motors was there as well as many vendors and VIPs. Over $8,000 was raised in 15 minutes for golfing foursomes at the Yorba Linda Country Club. The mayor of Yorba Linda stuck his neck way out on these giveaways.

What a fun time. Next year Jay Leno will be the host. He is a personal friend of mine and Mike Veitros and promised to host next year.

Jim Hall

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Jay is a real nice guy

I met him at a concours de elegance car show. I was showing my Dual Ghia of rat pack fame (1956 Car). He would bring one of his great cars for everyone to see and then take it home and bring another. He has a fabulous collection. I would sure like to see a get together for charity to drive up to his place to see his cars. I am sure it wouldn't be any trouble to get several hundred Corvettes out for that one. Probably raise thousands of dollars also. In anycase where ever the group goes next year I will go. It will also be the 50th anniversary for the Corvette. :) :) :cheers:
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