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A nice pro Z06 article, which did the texas shuffel about price, however a production figure of about 5,000. I just have a feeling as most the pricing deal is ultra sensitive deal still. My thoughts are trying to do a 69995.00 deal. We'll see. The Forged Crank real, the forged titanium rods real, the pistons a downer for motor heads like me, coated trash hiper whatever. As in NOT forged. As in why not go the exta foot in this marathon effort, as I'm sure C6R's have the correct uncoated forged pistons.
Neat stuff about the C6R and which is now a 2006 Z06 bodied look alike, and the new class regulations require more factory production stuff, as we got our butts spanked at the first race Sebring, by the Aston (Ford) Martin. Hey shit happens, and losing is a good thing, in a way. As the C6R team is a can do deal and work better under pressure. And the real deal at Le Manns perhaps a different story.
This body configuration will probably become the regular C6 body a coupla years down the road. Reason being the C5 we could install 20 X11 rear wheels no way on the C6, as the body is to narrow and the C6 wheel offsets different, the brake calipers are identical, as are the brake pads. However the Corvette lettering on the calipers is in the C6 font (lettering)
Z51 C6 cars as our car is has larger rotors and the front caliper is in a different attitude to the non Z51 C6. fyi
So to make a long story short, C5 wheels will not work correctly on a C6. As some will most not.
As I get a monthly magazine from SEMA a kinda bitter sweet story about the 2006 Z, as its so good out of the box just a difficult platfrom to improve on, realy a great compliment on this neat car. oop's meant to say neat 2006 Corvette Z06
As my xperience with this neat GM frivolous throw away has turned into the GM benchmark performance statement and loved by so many has been a great ride, and no doubt some hic-ups down this bumpy road to success, its been a great ride. The new Z is the xclamation point of over 50 years of that.

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