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I received this in my email today and thought I would pass it on to the Forum members.

From "The classic Corvette Club UK" Newsletter

Atomic Kitten Motorsport have concluded a deal with Doug Fehan of G.M.

CORVETTE RACING for Pratt and miller to build two new C5R customer race

cars. These cars will be ready by September and October and will race in

the final rounds of 'The Interactive Sportscar Championship' and 'The

Spanish GT Championship' before being prepared for 'Daytona, Sebring' and

'Le Mans' in 2002.

AK Race Engineering Limited will be based in Banbury at the workshop of

'Jeal Performance Engineering Limited' before moving to new premises at

Silverstone for 2002.

Roger Walter's of 'Atomic Kitten Motorsport' said "That concluding a

deal of such huge magnitude with Doug Fehan of G.M. Corvette Racing and Gary

Pratt of 'Pratt and Miller Engineering and Fabrication' is an honour and

great achievement for us, we look forward to working very closely with both

parties for many years to come and this definitely forms the backbone of our

motorsport activities. This deal will certainly raise the profile of

Corvette throughout Europe and we are looking forward to working with all

G.M. dealerships to raise the profile of the quality and availability of

North American vehicles."

A.K. Racing Limited

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Vortex Rammer & Power Duct, Chrome Z06 Wheels

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