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We got our track day back this year! Come join the Corvette Marque Club of Seattle at our High Performance Driving Event called School Daze on Thursday, July 10. This is your chance to get out and drive your car at speed without worrying about getting a ticket. Cost is $190 and that includes an instructor if you want one. Novices must drive with an instructor at first and must also attend our ground school on July 2. There you will learn some of the basics on track driving and flag protocol. You drive at your skill level and comfort zone--this is not a race. We run a safe, controlled event. Convertibles must have a hard top or roll bar installed.

Event Info
CMCS - School Daze 2008

Track Info - There's a video here of 1 lap in a Z06
CMCS - School Daze Track

Registration Form

This is not a "packed" event. We'll have around 50 cars which gives you some company on track but not enough that you'll feel crowded. It's my favorite track day of the year, but I may be a little biased. :thumb:

If you have any questions feel free to post here or email [email protected].
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