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CRISWELL Called This Morning!

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Well, I think it may be time to start getting really excited. Last week Criswell Chev called and gave me an order number for my EB Z06. At that time they told me the order was submitted but not yet allocated.

This morning Criswell called back to tell me that they have received a "priority 1" allocation from GM for two Z06's, one of them is my EB! They do not have a TPW yet, but expect to get this within the next two weeks. This dealership will get a total allocation of 40-50 z06's this year.

Since I am not familiar with this byzantine process, does this sound "normal"? Is it normal for the dealership to get an 'official" allocation, then get a TPW shortly after?

Inquiring minds want to know...
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40-50 Z06's?
I find that very hard to swallow. The dealer that I'm ordering my vette from sold 122 Vettes last year and his allocation for Z06's is 14.
Oh well.
Can't address if their claim is true, but Criswell told me they sold about 225 Corvettes, thus they get a healthy Z06 allocation of an average of 3-4 per month.
They are a large dealership and very performance oriented, located in an area where the per capita income is high... They also sell Lotus and Lamborghini - had a VT up there for $271k.

Right now I am counting on receiving just one EB!
I am really excited. Just got off the phone with my dealer and GM 800 # and was informed that my EB Z06 was ACCEPTED!

BLEUBYU, I was told the samething that my TPW will be received within 2 weeks.
Congrats 2003Aniv - sounds like we might be the parents of EB twins!
Hey, BLEUBYU who is you salesperson. I purchased my Z last October from Criswell. You are correct, they had a huge allocation of Z's last year. My original order was bumped a couple of times, but the car was there when they said it would be. (give or take six months). Joke.
Hey ISVETTE, I have been dealing with Dean Holmburg, new car sales manager and Tim Mauro. they have both been straight with me so far...
Congrats...hope they get here soon. Mine took about 6 weeks from order to delivery. Corvette Forum (in Kens newsletters)lists the codes for the process. Every time your car changes order gets a new code. That's how we tracked mine. Dealer can look it up on the computer in a couple of seconds. Mine followed the sequence perfectly...
BLEUBYU, I bought my rod from Peter Eaton. He is a great salesperson, and the service dept. there is hands down the best in the area. Have someone show you around the garage, it is quite impressive. You could eat off the floor. When having your car serviced, talk to Chandi, she will get you in and out. I'ts obvious they treat their Vette owners with much more class.
I am number one on the Z06 order list at Criswell for 02. I ordered a Silver Z06 with mod red seats in January 01 after I decided to take GM to arbitration over my oil burning 2000 Coupe I had. In March I returned my 2000 C5 to Criswell and confirmed my Z06 order. My order number is DHWWCW and the TWP is 7/16/01. Let me know when your TPW is.

Welcome to the forum!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif
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Hi Guys,
It seems there is a large contingent of ZO6 owners/future owners from Maryland, more specifically South Maryland. My question is has anyone dealt with Sport Chevrolet? They say they are right behind Criswell in Corvette sales and they have offered to sell me a 2003 ZO6 Anniversary model for MSRP. Should I be happy with this or should I be able to strike a better deal? By the way, what does FRC stand for? Thanks for any and all input!
Hey LT - welcome to the madness! Actually, I live in Northern Va (Manassas area) but I went with Criswell for the reasons I stated earlier in this thread.

I don't know what to tell you about Sport, I have no personal experience with them. However, I do have a question about their offer. Guess I do not understand how they can offer to sell a car to you ('03 Z06) that may not even exist. The dealership certainly does not know at this point. There is a lot of speculation on this subject, but I don't think any of the folks doing the speculating are the same folks who really know about this. That goes double for me!

For my 1.5 cents, I question whether there will be an '03 Z06. Here is my undoubtedly flawed reasoning: There will be a huge demand for the 35 thousand or so corvettes made. Chevy can only build so many variations of this car given their production limit. So, they may opt to offer the following:

"Standard" non anniversary package coupes and verts with the LS-1 6 speed or auto

"Anniversary Package" (special paint, badges, interior appointments) coupes and verts with LS-1 6 speed or auto

"Anniversary Special Edition Package" - all the Anniv package stuff plus LS-6 engine (but no other Z06 components) for a relatively select small run of 6 speed coupes and verts (which will still not be as quick or handle as well as the Z06)

Look at all the folks who have expressed a desire for the LS-6 in a coupe or vert and add the sought after anniv package - you have a very sought after, very expensive (and profitable) last year for the C5.

And, there is no doubt in my mind that the C6 generation will offer its own version of the current Z06 - maybe LS-7/Z07?? If they do, I will be orderin one...

cya - it is fun to speculate!
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Hey Bleu,
I think I may have misrepresented what Sport said. They offered to sell me a '03, and I then get to choose whatever I want when the ordering becomes available. Of course I want there to be a Special Anniversary Edition ZO6, so that is what I wrote. Anyway, that should clear that up.

I was still wondering what FRC stands for? Anyone?

By the way, a friend of mine and his brother both have deposits in at Criswell for '03 Anniversary Edition verts, one a stick, the other a auto. Supposedly, they are number 51 and 52 on the '03 order list.

Happy Vettin'!
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