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CRISWELL Called This Morning!

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Well, I think it may be time to start getting really excited. Last week Criswell Chev called and gave me an order number for my EB Z06. At that time they told me the order was submitted but not yet allocated.

This morning Criswell called back to tell me that they have received a "priority 1" allocation from GM for two Z06's, one of them is my EB! They do not have a TPW yet, but expect to get this within the next two weeks. This dealership will get a total allocation of 40-50 z06's this year.

Since I am not familiar with this byzantine process, does this sound "normal"? Is it normal for the dealership to get an 'official" allocation, then get a TPW shortly after?

Inquiring minds want to know...
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40-50 Z06's?
I find that very hard to swallow. The dealer that I'm ordering my vette from sold 122 Vettes last year and his allocation for Z06's is 14.
Oh well.
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