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Criswell Corvette Show Today

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Well, our little family unit made it up to the show today, and it was definitely worth the trip. Lots of great Vettes, and more importantly - a lot of great people.

Got to talk to Dean Holmburg, the new car manager at Criswell, and he told me that he will do everything possible to get my '02 EB order a TPW by the end of this month. I told him that I understood that there will likely be significant constraints on this color for a while, even for a dealership like Criswell who gets a very healthy allocation.

Got to meet some local Z06ers - Lazygun and BaddassZ06 who were kind enough to answer some of my questions regarding their ownership experiences. Great cars, guys - and I am looking forward to joining the club hopefully this fall.

Even my kid had a good time, especially after making friends with a Univ of Md student showing a torch red (her favorite color) vert. Gotta keep my eye on him, least he has good taste in transportation...
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I enjoyed the show as well and picked up a nice Z06 poster. Nice seeing all the Z's, coups, verts, and their owners.
Good times for sure. Craig
Yeah you were parked next to me. Nice ride!
Who's got the banners? I need an excuse to get a digital camera.
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