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Darrel Waltrip and Country Music Performer David
Ball to Attend
Olympic Signature Car Signing Event at Museum On Tuesday, December 11th

The National Corvette Museum is proud to host a special "Olympic Signature
Car Signing" event on Tuesday, December 11th. NASCAR legend Darrel Waltrip
and Country Music Performer, David Ball, well known for his chart climbing
hit, "Riding with Private Malone" will be on hand to greet fans and sign a
special "2002 Olympic Torch Z06 Corvette" to be used as the signature car
for the 2002 Olympics.

Ball will perform his hit single and other releases from his new album,
"Amigo" as part of the festivities. Local race favorite, Stuart Kirby and
GM Corvette Assembly Plant Manager, Wil Cooksey will be part of the
celebrity line-up. "We are pleased to offer this exciting Olympic Signature
Car event to the public," stated NCM Events Coordinator Jennifer Hohman.
"The Corvette signing event on the 11th and the grand event on the 16th will
be a strong statement about the type of community we proudly represent to
the world and the role of the Corvette as America's Sports Car."

The Olympic Signature Car Signing event is scheduled from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00
p.m. CT. The event is open to the public with paid admission to the Museum.
Admission rates are $20 for a family pass, $8.00 for adults, $6.00 for
seniors 55 and over, and $4.50 for children. Guests paying admission to the
event are welcome to tour the Museum.

Additional information on the Olympic Signature Car Signing event is
available by calling the Museum at (800) 53-VETTE.

Bobbie Jo Lee
NCM Communications Coordinator
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