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Darth Vetter.... is this you that he is racing???

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The miata runs damn does the Z06, just wondering if this is you. They said its a Hennessey Z06...didnt think there were too many.

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hey ram air dave...are your ram air days in the closet??? why no mention of non-corvettes in your 'previous cars' list???

Yeah, that was at Rivercity in San Antonio. That Miata has an intercooler the size of a Friggin suitcase!!
He ran an 11.6 @ 117 MPH with a 1.6 60' I think I ran 11.90 @ 123 MPH with a 2.12 60' on that run. That is a fast ass MIata, if you live in S.A. Beware!
He was a really cool guy. If you listen to my engine, you can here the RPM's scream as my wheels spin in 1st & 2nd before hookin' up. But I guess that's the price you pay for not having Dragtires.LOL
Pretty cool car.



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w/2.12 60' I NEED DRAG RADIALS!!!

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At least I've never been beat by a Miata.........

LOL! You failed to mention that to me.
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John Z06 -
If I were to do that ....oh man, the sig would be waaaayyyy to long...I know it already is, I need to shrink it down hehe. Believe it or not, THe RamAir part of the name came from my Grand Am GT. hahaha! I had to come up with a new name when I sold my 91 Firehawk 2 years ago and that was all I could come up with

The Vettes are all my pops' previous Vettes..I have only owned one vette, an 84. But someday......someday....
I just enjoy the hell out of them and the conversation of the guys on the board.

Darth Vetter - COOL!! I figured it would have to be you. Didnt think there were many more black Hennessey Z06's around. man that car hauls! Wonder how much it weighs? Probably only like 2000lbs or so. Sweet at any rate. It was cool to see your car in action too!

RamAirDave---Still Rammin!! haha!
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