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Got to see one of two 02'ZO6 Verts in MY. Work was done by an outside source, Great job as all parts were GM. Nice!

Daves talk showed me a little more than I already knew. There will be an Pace Car Anniversary Edition made, with enhanced interior and suspension features. (Which will be used for Indy 500 Pace Car) Chevorlet has had the most Pace Cars for Indy than any other manufacture!

Raffling vin.#s after #40 to highest bidders on 2003. Bidding stops by the way Feb. 26th. All performance upgrades are still hush-hush, but got impression Each Year Will Be Better Than The Last! ~~~~How True!

About 2-300 folks showed up.

SHHH, No word on the C-6, but will be released sometime after the 03'. (knew that...)

Was really great meeting the person who makes all the final decisions on the car I love the most!:z: :z: :z:He's a brilliant man!
Dave, :cheers:

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