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he did it without fourth gear.

Dave called me at home last night to report this final run of the season.

I have the time slip at the office and will post it here Wednesday.

The interesting part of this story is that Dave missed fourth gear entirely. He said that his shift from third to fourth caused grinding and it never went into gear?

12.19 @ 112 was the result. Check out his short time, and 1/8 mile, and 1000 ft. e.t. and speed.

Those of you that are running close to the 11s, please post your e.t. and speed at those respective spots, and lets see if this run follows his logic that it "would have been an 11 second pass"


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Ok Jim, 60' 1.773 330 5.040 1/8 7.718 mph 92.11 1000 10.028 1/4 11.985 mph 115.26 Hope this helps. Ric
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