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I know a lot of people say you won't trust your dealer or any dealer with servicing your Z06 but if you live in northwest Arkansas or southwest Missouri PM me (since I can't post a non supporting dealer) and I will tell you the best dealer in the region.

I've known the service advisor at this dealer for eight years, actually he was with another dealer and I followed him when he switched dealers and the SA is fantastic.

Just to give you an idea:
I had my new Z drop shipped to this dealer in October 2006. He had the car inside and blocked in until they could prep it on Monday and wouldn't let anyone touch it.

I took the Z there when I needed new tires as I had purchased the tires from Tire Rack and the dealer found out even with brand new equipment they couldn't properly mount the tires so he had them taken to a Goodyear dealer so the wheels didn't get messed up.

I just had an oil changed, fix the tire sensors (he said they crossed them when they had the tires changed and fixed that with no hassle) and also had them
do the TSB for the rear end chatter. No question on the TSB he charged that to GM under warranty.

When it was in their shop this time he told the mechanic to just assume that car was owned by God.

Want to know whether they overcharge me?

I had the Z's oil change, tires balanced (they didn't charge me), inside/outside detail on the Z + my GM canyon and the bill was $351.00.
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