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Tips by Frank Calmes (fcalmes)
Partition supplied by LAPD

I recently had clear Euro Tail lights installed from L.A.P.D. Performance. The install was done by a Certified GM Mechanic, forum member Vettemaster.

Brake lights glow red and turn signals glow amber through the clear lenses.

Packaging from LAPD was excellent. The lenses came in separate boxes and everything was packed in a large box with plenty of packing kernels for protection. All parts arrived in excellent condition.

The lenses are actually GM lenses used for export with GM part numbers. They were high quality like the stock lenses.

Instructions were clear. I did have a slight problem with the tail lights being marked Left and Right. Other than that, the instructions were very clear.

Here are the instructions as printed:

Tools Required:

T-15 Torx Screwdriver
Wire Cutter

Turn Indicator Harness Instructions:

Remove all tail lamp assemblies (T-15 screws). Un-plug the lamp assemblies (press in tab, ¼ turn clockwise). It may be helpful to leave the ends of the stock harness hanging out of the holes to be able to grab them more easily during re-installation of the new assembly.

Insert the connector end of the new harness through the passenger side tail lamp openings. Reaching down into the right hand tail lamp opening, the harness should be routed into the area between: The front of the rear bumper frame rail, the outboard passenger side frame rail, and the top of the muffler heat shield, (routed along the same path as the stock harness).

Locate the rear harness connector (mounted to the outside of the frame rail behind right rear tire) an unplug it.

Reach from inside the fender well across the top of the muffler heat shield and pull the turn harness connectors in to the fender well.

Plug the new harness into the existing production connectors.

My mechanic had a small issue with the length of the wires for the harness. He thought if the connector indicated below should have had about 1-2 more feet of wiring, it would have made for a neater install and would have provided better protection for the connectors .

Reach through the tail lamp opening and pull the excess wire into the rear facia to draw the harness up and away from the exhaust system heat shield and secure with the provided zip tie.

Pass the longest end of the turn harness across to the left side of the car.

Use the supplied tie wraps to secure the turn lamp harness to the stock rear lamp harness.

Plug the stock connectors into the upper (red) socket of the Euro lamp assembly.

Plug the new turn harness connectors in to the lower (amber) sockets.


The only thing we found slightly confusing was that each lens was either marked Left or Right. We assumed the LEFTS went on the left side of the car and the RIGHTS went on the right. WRONG!! The lenses have left and right side tabs.

The Left and Right tabs align with Left and Right slots on the tail light opening.

Note: Lenses marked LEFT go into the openings with the left alignment slot.

Note: Lenses marked LEFT go into the openings with the left alignment slot.

Reinstall lamp assemblies (T-15 screws).

Under Dash Wiring Modifications: Drivers Side

Pull down the lower closeout panel push in retainers (just in front of knee bolster) from dash lower support beam.

Lower the front edge of the closeout panel to expose the brake pedal switch just to the left of the steering column. Switch has WHITE, ORANGE, and BLUE wires.

Cut the WHITE wire.

Re-Install the closeout panel (be sure to align the notch in RH front edge of closeout panel with the tab on the accelerator pedal bracket).


The complete install took about 45 minutes, including taking pictures and a few brews. Very simple install for anyone.

Disclaimer: Neither the author nor the *Vette family of sites claim any fitness or warranty on the above diy tips. Any injury or damage incurred as a result of the use of the tips is the resposibility of the user.
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