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I started with the obvious,chocking the front tires and jacking the rear of the car. I placed my flat-top AC Hydraulics jackstands under the rear jacking pucks in order that they would not be in the way. The car is very stable in this position.

1. Support the lower control arm with a jackstand or jack.
2. With an 18mm open end wrench and a 5mm Allen wrench in the ball joint stud I loosened the ball joint stud nut.
3. Using the J42188 joint separator tool I separated the joint. This tool is not absolutely necessary, although it makes the job easier. I discarded the nut as these are single use nuts. DO NOT REUSE THEM.
4. I removed the 18mm bolts attaching the control arm to the frame. The nuts are captive and there are no shims as there are in the front. I removed the control arm to replace the bushings in the shop.
5. I reinstalled the control arm to the frame, tightening the two 18mm bolts to 81 ft lbs.
6. I reinstalled the control arm to the ball joint stud, tightening the NEW crush nut, PN 03537772, to 15 ft lbs using an 18mm crowfoot and the 5mm Allen wrench to keep the ball joint stud from spinning. I used ny Snap-on Techangle torque wrench to tighten the nut 250 degrees, making sure that I had attained the minimum torque specification of 41 ft lbs. You can estimate the angle and if you attain the 41 ft lbs specification it should be fine.

That's it , the rear upper control arm is done. I don't believe this took more than 30 minutes to do. Really easy.
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