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For SCCA Solo II AutoX Super Sport class you must use stock OEM seat

For SCCA Solo II AutoX ASP and above the seat choice is unlimited with NO restrictions other than it must be
- fully upolstered (front side)
- be full sized (ie no baby car seats or kart seats may be used)
- Can be stock OEM, FIA approved racing seat or Non FIA approved racing seat without any restrictions.

For SCCA Solo I Time Trials the seat choice is unlimited in all 4 Levels:
- It can be stock OEM
- It can be an FIA approved racing seat
- It can be non stock OEM and non FIA but it must then have a seat back brace.

So if you are definetly asking if it is Solo I approved and need to use it as a slider you need to get an FIA approved seat. Otherwise a seat back brace will be needed and therefore it can't BE a slider. You need to determine if the Sparco Fighter is FIA approved.

Then, I would call Dennis at HardBar and see if their slider adapter for the Evo2 will work.

NOTE: If it is an FIA approved seat it is your responsibility to document it. Either the seat needs to have a tag or stamp on it saying that it is FIA approved or you MUST have paperwork that says it is. Ie. get it in writting before you purchase and be armed with documentation when you go to Tech Inspection. Also get a copy of the SCCA GCR's, Solo II and Time Trials Rules before you do any mods.
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