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Do You Have Any Questions for Dave Hill?

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Dave Hill will be conducting a seminar at the C5 Registry Birthday Bash next Saturday in the Chevrolet Theater in the NCM. The seminar starts at 11:30am, and the seats go fast, so arrive early.

Dave usually allows time to answer a few questions. I plan on being there and will be glad to ask Dave a question from those of you unable to attend....just reply to this thread.

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PLEASE!! Ask Dave Hill if the Modified Red interior CAN be ordered in 2002 for the Millennium Yellow Z06 & the Electron Blue? Man this has been a bummer of a last few days when I was informed it may not be an option!! I would greatly appreciate it and I will owe you one!!!:)

On 2001-04-15 13:54, mrdatalife spewed forth this drivel:
ZMan...from what I've CAN order the Mod interior with MY & EB, but Chevy just doesn't recommend those combinations.


Jason------I am crossing fingers you are 100% correct!! I have waited nearly a year with a deposit down for a MY w/M/R interior!!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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