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Do You Have Any Questions for Dave Hill?

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Dave Hill will be conducting a seminar at the C5 Registry Birthday Bash next Saturday in the Chevrolet Theater in the NCM. The seminar starts at 11:30am, and the seats go fast, so arrive early.

Dave usually allows time to answer a few questions. I plan on being there and will be glad to ask Dave a question from those of you unable to attend....just reply to this thread.

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I like the Stainless Steel Screens in the Front Air Inlets and in the Rear Brake Duct openings. If we are using them there why wouldn't they be available for the Front Brake Duct openings as well? Can we get some made?

Also, not only just for styling but for cooling and concurrent with the theme lets open up the 2 louvers in the lower rear Fascia and put screens in there as well. we could also put them in the side vents as well. Maybe I should patent this idea and go aftermarket with it!

If Chevy won't do it, who is the supplier for the screens?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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