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Does anyone know the statute of limitaiton on tickets?

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I got a ticket 8 years ago for speeding in Cochise County, AZ and paid the fine by mail a month later. 6 months later I get a notice from the court stating a warrant for my arrest was issued in conjunction with the ticket.

They only asked for X number of dollars which was sent, but evidently proof of insurance was also required, since I did not have my id card at the time of the stop.

I worked for a company that was self insured in CA and was a resident of CA, and was driving one of their vehicles. We promptly sent proof of self insurance and financial responsibility to the court, but NO WAY. They would not accept anything like that.

For eight long years the court has treatened me. Made me the worst criminal in AZ, put the fine on my credit report twice, and now it looks like they are doing it again.

What the hell? Warrant for my arrest? Criminal prosecution?

It really makes you wonder how the court system can let criminals walk the street after killing their wives but come after me with a vengence for 8 years about an insurance id card. In CA, your record clears in 3 years, and even warrants disappear after 5 years. This I know for sure, but AZ?

Any attorneys in AZ? I think Tom will have to drive my Z06 through AZ coming back from the Museum.

Sick to death,

Jim Hall

2002 Z06 on order.
2000 LS1
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I can't speak for AZ laws, but you're wrong on California, at least in LA County. I managed the warrant system for Los Angeles County for 10 years and continue to consult. A warrant stays active until a court recalls it. The courts do have a purge criteria, and I believe it's 8 years in LA, but I'm not sure because they sometimes change, or purge and LAPD complains and the warrants are re-entered. LA doesn't issue many warrants anymore for traffic offenses. They put holds on obtaining your vehicle registration, driver's license, or usually issue a $250 civil judgment in addition to any fees and fines related to your offense. Believe it or not they are very successful with this strategy. The warrants in LA have been reduced from 2.1 million in 1992 to 1.2 million now. This doesn't help much with your AZ situation, but at least you have a better idea of this area of the world. Good luck.


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