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Hi Everyone!
C5/C6 Corvette owners know that the front skid plates are vulnerable to getting bumped and scraped. Fangs from SacCityCorvette provide the best possible protection available for your front skid Plates/Lower Radiator support on your C5/C6 Corvette. Made of a High Impact Superior Performance Plastic, the C5/C6 Fangs are extremely impact resistant and 6 times more abrasion resistant than steel and Installation only takes a few minutes. Being only 1/8" thick you will not even notice any clearance loss. There is NO drilling or modification required! C5 Fangs are a simple 10 minute bolt on using your factory bolts. C6, you simply glue them on or if you prefer, they can be screwed on if you order the screw on kit. It comes with drill bit and tapping screws. Once the Fangs are installed you will have the best protection available. $49.99 is a very small price to pay for such good protection of such an expensive part of your Vette!

Some of the Benefits
1) They are only 1/8” thick so there is no noticeable ground clearance loss. That’s very important since there is not much clearance there to begin with!

2)The superior performance plastic we use is 6 times more abrasion resistant than steel making them slide very smoothly over what ever they come into contact with.

3)They perform perfectly in hot or cold weather.

4) They distribute the load over the entire skid plate where it is the strongest and can evenly distributes the impact, not on one side or the other where the side load can bend skid plate.

5)There are no moving parts to wear out.

6)They only weigh 5oz for those that worry about weight.

7)There is no drilling or modification needed to install them

8)The Fangs give protection over the entire skid plate. So if you bump up on a parking block like we demonstrate in our video you are protected from the front to back and from the highest point of the skid plate to the lowest.

9)They look like something that came on your Vette from the factory.

Here is a video of the Fangs getting used!

Here is info for the C5 Fangs

Info for the C6 Fangs
C6 Fangs

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