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On 2001-08-19 14:06, IAmCanadian! wrote:
...made 5 passes...need to find/practice a launching technique (My 60 ft was 2.101)...Any thoughts?
Actually a 2.1 60' is quite good for a first time out. My average 60' is 2.08. Only a small percentage of Z06 racers are doing consistently better than you did. We are not talking Best time; we're talking average time across all runs for the night.

But my average ET is 12.55. So I suspect where you really can use the practice is in shifting fast. That's where the Gtech might come in handy. What you're after is runs from 0-110 exercising 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4. I find that my ETs are significantly affected by how much or little I spin the tires on the 1-2 shift.

Suggest recording your time slip splits in an Excel spreadsheet and keeping close tabs on your best and averages each time to the track.

Remember the 1-2 shift is included in your 330' time. The 2-3 shift is in the 660' time and the 3-4 shift is usually in the 1000' time.

There are a lot of variables. We're really just scratching the surface. Above al else, practice, practice, practice.

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