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Drag Racing the Z06

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I was wondering if people could use this thread to post the best way that have found to launch their Z06s and with what mods and if they have 1/4 mile times to post that too.

I really havent taken much opportunities to practice launching the car and doing many WOT runs and want to get an idea from you folks what the best method was.

I DO know that with AH off and revving it at about 2k and dumping the clutch, you will spin away about $20 worth of rubber and go nowhere /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif But I have a buddy that has a MKIV TT Supra that he just got out of the shop with a guesstimate of around 600 hp and we're talking about running against each other for fun. I haven't officialy gone head-to-head with anyone yet and against a car like that really don't like the idea of my first race being a LOSS against a high hp Goliath but I'm gonna give it my best shot and be ready for it.

I was even thinking of getting a G-Tech to track my numbers. Has anybody used thosed and think they are worth it?

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I don't know exactly what you guys call "dumping" the clutch, but if you literally let it come up as fast as it can that can't be too good for your times as you'll either get lots of wheel spin or bog the engine down. In my opinion it's best to keep rpms around 2000 while quickly but gradually releasing the clutch and as soon as the clutch is fully engaged floor the gas. At least that works on my Firebird. In the Z06 you might get too much wheel spin even after the clutch is out.

As far as 0-60 times go Motor Trend, whose numbers I trust the most among all mags, got 4.3. Even the incompetent drivers of R&T got 4.6 so 4.7 would really be ridiculous.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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