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Drag Racing the Z06

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I was wondering if people could use this thread to post the best way that have found to launch their Z06s and with what mods and if they have 1/4 mile times to post that too.

I really havent taken much opportunities to practice launching the car and doing many WOT runs and want to get an idea from you folks what the best method was.

I DO know that with AH off and revving it at about 2k and dumping the clutch, you will spin away about $20 worth of rubber and go nowhere /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif But I have a buddy that has a MKIV TT Supra that he just got out of the shop with a guesstimate of around 600 hp and we're talking about running against each other for fun. I haven't officialy gone head-to-head with anyone yet and against a car like that really don't like the idea of my first race being a LOSS against a high hp Goliath but I'm gonna give it my best shot and be ready for it.

I was even thinking of getting a G-Tech to track my numbers. Has anybody used thosed and think they are worth it?

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does anybody have the real numbers for 0-60 for a Z06, I am getting conflicting reports, Gm says 4 sec flat, auto magazines test shows 4.7 sec, that is almost the same as the coupe. I am deciding which one to buy, coupe ot z06, any comments would be appriciated.
Thanks guys, for some reason I was myself banking on Zo6, and thats what I am going to get, It was just the priniciple that GM brochure says 4 sec flat,I wonder what conditions, how they achieve that #, any ways, I hear that 2002 is up by 405 hp, is it this for sure.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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