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Notice to Norcal mbrs: Drive along Pacific Coast Highway to Davenport - Nov 3rd

All Northern California Z06 owners are invited to get your Zs out for a nice drive along the Pacific Coast, to the small coastal town of Davenport, about 10 miles North of Santa Cruz.

For those that want to caravan, we plan to rendevous first at All American Honda-Suzuki-Kawasaki, located at 6990 Soquel Av, on the ocean side of Hwy 1, between 11am and Noon. From there, we will caravan to Davenport for lunch.

The planned caravan arrival time and for any and all stragglers to meet in Davenport is 12:30pm, Saturday, Nov 3rd.

No specific itinerary after lunch, so everyone is free to go their own way or form mini caravans for the rest of the day.

We have 3 cars signed up so far and the weather forecast looks okay for Saturday. This event is just for fun and chance to enjoy driving our Zs along the Coast, a short distance from the SF Bay Area. Also, it is an opportunity to meet fellow Z06 owners and put faces to the names.

At some point after everyone has come together in Davenport, we will try to organize a group photo with banner in the picture, so by all means bring your cameras.

If you plan to attend, or need further directions, please post a reply or send a PM. Hope to see all of you there and of course don't forget to bring your Z06. :)
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