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I'm currently dealing with my second transmission rebuild. I know I'm hard on the drivetrain, this is certain. So I've started to research maintenance proceedures and upgrade modifications to help it last longer and/or deal with my abusive treatment better. I've put together this list with other's help to share with my fellow forum members. This list may look familiar for those that are also members of the CorvetteForum as I started a similar post over there.

Let's start with the basics and work our way up from there:

1. Upgrading the transmission and rear end fluids to a better synthetic. ie. Redline D4 ATF, Mobil 1, Torco or Amsoil. This change should lower operating temps and improve shift action. Life expectancy should increase with this type of fluid change since there will be less friction involved.

2. Regular clutch system fluid inspection and/or replacement is recommended. The fluid can break down very quickly causing poor clutch operation. The better the fluid you use the longer the clutch hydraulics will operate properly.

3. Consider that shift stops on an aftermarket shifter such as the older B&M Rippers suspect to damaging the synchros especially if they are not setup correctly. Since our trannies have internal stops it is advised to remove the stops from the shifter to be safe.

4. The addition of later(02's preferably) model factory synchros. There are differences in the fiber sections that are worth looking into. To be more specific, "Blocker Rings & Synchros were updated sometime around '00 give or take. The newest blocker rings should be carbon lined or something. In any case, the latest GM p/n's give you the current blockers & synchros. Replace all of them during a rebuild." -MelloYellow. For a look at some '01 fiber blocker rings click here.

5. Upgrading the clutch hydraulic system components. the slave cylinders in our cars are prone to be damaged when put under high levels of stress. So, replacing the slave whenever
it is feasable, ie. clutch change, tranny rebuild etc., is a good idea. The newer the unit the better too.

An unrestricted master cylinder line will help the clutch engage/disengage better during hard runs. The only source I have for this part is from More Performance. They can be reached by phone on: 704.393.8241. FYI, the lines in this kit are manufactured by Goodridge. I ordered mine this morning -12.3.01 - for $99, talked to Mike. Click here for a pic.

For those that are more concerned about this area of the system, you can get an AP adjustable racing master cylinder for the clutch system from Cartek Racing.

6. D&D Performance's steel 3rd-4th gear shift fork, p/n TNEC-0483 (thanks MelloYellow). This mod will keep damage to the 3rd-4th synchros down due to it's inabilty to become bent. D&D can be reached by phone on: 248.926.6220. Click here for a pic.

7. Many possible HD internal parts available from Super Viper Systems including input shaft, shift forks and gear assemblies. They also have a tranny cooler setup that is designed to keep the cluster gears lubricated under heavy loads, something they said gets real dry and overheats even during 1/4 mile passes. I am currently going through the process of researching all of these options and whether they will work in our trannies. If you'd like to talk with them about these parts/mods, they can be reached on: 630.876.1335. Ask for Ron.

8. Torque tube replacement/upgrade. GM redesigned the torque tube with the advent of the Z06. The new piece is considerably stronger and heavier as a result. I have been told that it is a direct replacement for our earlier year cars...will bolt right in. I am still researching this change. I will update this when I get more info.

9. A complete tranny swap? Possible HD 5-speed Jerico transmissions available from Super Viper Systems. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Hopefully, something will turn them on to the 'Vette market.

I am unaware of any other parts or modifications that can be done to increase the overall durability of a T-56. Please comment/suggest anything that has the ability to make a difference. Let's see what we can put together. I will edit this post whenever I find something to add :D

BTW, if anyone would like to see some detailed pics of my last rebuild that show many of the tranny's parts click here.

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