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We are pleased to announce the release of our newest heavy-duty driveline product specifically designed and engineered for the 2005 manual C6 Corvette. This product is a solution to the current problem of differential/transmission case fracture due to severe driveline deflection that occurs during hard acceleration on the street or strip.

Like both versions of the already successful C5 differential strut; this model uses the same engineering concepts to control the violent "wrap-up" action the driveline is subjected to that often shears the differential case away from the transmission mounting flange, which causes catastrophic damage to both in most cases, requiring expensive replacement.

The major difference in design between the C5 and C6 differential strut models is that the C6 design does not have lower strut rods and/or related lower transmission brackets like the C5 counterparts have. This is due mainly because the O.E. Getrag C6 case already has dual, lower differential mounting pads that partially act to correct the negative "wrap-up" issue.

We state "partially" because we've found that GM/Getrag didn't go far enough to solve the negative "wrap-up" issue that breaks these units and the current C6 differential design is just as prone to differential case fracture as the C5 models are~ just in a different place...

The main point of weakness and area prone to failure in HP applications are the mounting pad side covers themselves. The O.E. mounting pad "wings" are completely hollow, therefore lacking any real strength, which in this case makes them inherently weak for high performance applications use due to their original design. There is no significant structural strength in these hollow "wings" to support the extreme shock loads of high performance street/strip use, therefore they rapidly fatigue, crack and shatter~ often taking the rest of the differential to pre-mature failure with it.

Our new C6 Differential Strut fills that engineering gap by providing additional driveline strength on top of the differential itself using the same design principles as the C5 models, which functions in tandem with the current two lower C6 differential mounting locations that are already engineered into the Getrag case.

All of these driveline strengthening refinements and additional "girdling" around the differential case itself our product provides, culminates to one final solution to preventing catastrophic C6 differential failure for HP applications. For further details of how this product was designed and functions, please see the link provided:

Our introductory price for this kit is $369 for orders placed by 8-20-05. Each kit is available in powder coat red or black and the first production run will be completed, ready for shipment by 8-20-05.

DTE C6 Differential Strut

Thank you gents (and gals) for your time and happy motoring!!

Best Wishes,
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