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442 RWHP/431 RWTQ

We have just finalized and completed the installation of our Stage I LS2 engine conversion upgrade performance package for the 1997-2004 C5 Corvette applications. We are very pleased with the results of this package in that our engineering goals of docile, stock-like drivability were achieved, while still providing increased, emission-legal power all across the powerband under the modest redline umbrella of 6500 RPM.

DTE Stage I LS2 Engine Upgrade Conversion Package Includes:
- GM Performance Parts 6.0L LS2 engine assy.
- DTE ported, 90mm LS2 throttle body (optional)
- DTE ported, 90mm F.A.S.T. composite intake manifold (optional)
- High capacity fuel injector set (99-00 models only)
- DTE LS2 wiring harness conversion kit
- DTE custom ground hydraulic roller camshaft specifically engineered for this engine application
- Heavy duty dual valve spring set w/ spring locaters and shims
- Titanium valve spring retainer set
- HD Viton valve seal set
- HD hardened steel pushrod set
- DTE ported engine oil pump w/ PRV modification upgrade
- Underdrive crank pulley/harmonic balancer with matching underdrive AC/serpentine belts (optional)
- GM harmonic balancer bolt (optional)
- DTE 160* engine coolant thermostat
- DTE stainless steel AFR sensor bung/plug kit
- AC/Delco engine oil filter (2x)
- Break-in engine oil (2x)
- DTE PCV system modification upgrade
- Coil installation brackets (97-98 models only)
- Needle pilot bearing
- Misc. engine gaskets
- Misc. fluids, chemicals and sealants
- Chassis dyno power output reports before and after upgrades
- DTE custom performance PCM calibration
- Custom DTE fender badging
- Professional installation for O.E. appearance
- DTE 2yr./24,000 mile written limited warranty

Fully Optioned Turn-key Complete
1997-98 model years- $12,299
1999-00 model years- $12,399
2001+ model years- $11,999

*Optional items omitted will yield less net overall power than fully optioned package

Refinements Include
- Compatible with 91 and 93 octane pump fuels (93 preferable)
- 1997-2004 model year applications
- Reduced engine operating temperature range from O.E.
- Excellent 27-28 MPG fuel economy
- Emission compliant (Fed. only at this time)
- Drastically improved power area under the curve EVERYWHERE!!

Drivability Characteristics:
- Exhaust note carries just a *hint* of muscular gallup at idle with this mild camshaft grind (just enough to let everyone know this car is NOT stock)
- Idle speed nearly stock and smooth with, or without AC activation
- Absolutely PERFECT~ stock-type drivability in ALL ambient conditions, in ALL cases
- Drives like a completely stock vehicle until you step into the throttle
- Instantaneous reaction to throttle increases at ALL engine RPM
- No unwanted valvetrain noise
- Hot/cold starts O.E. transparent

Power Improvements:
All of the increased power and torque this LS2 performance package conversion produces, does so under the modest engine RPM redline umbrella of only 6500 RPM in an effort to enhance long-term engine/valvetrain durability and low-end torque. The power under the curve and the excellent steet manners this upgrade produces absolutely CRUSHES the O.E. curve in every single aspect! This combination we've assembled here not only makes the vehicle more efficient, but a real thrill to drive at all engine speeds!

R&D Development Vehicle Specs:
- 1998 C5 Corvette M6
- Moderate mileage accrued
- Dynatech HP exhaust system-long tube hdrs. w/ catalytic converters
- GHL mufflers
- O.E. fuel system, tire/wheels, driveline, gearing, etc, etc, etc...

Below are some figures we've documented from those tests and all subsequent dyno pulls were finalized on the same day, by myself personally, with the engine temps within 3* either way of the run preceding it. All control conditions varied by about 1.7% +/- throughout the testing session. Three pulls were made for each respective change for accuracy and the highest of the three was recorded.

Our custom PCM calibration which is used in tandem with these components, is written in-house using engine operating data obtained from the chassis dyno and from extensively driving the car in real-world conditions that would commonly be found in every day, go to work/in-town/cruising-type driving. Additionally, this calibration was specifically written conservatively to protect the engine's long-term durability by providing an area of cushion against detonation if poor quality grade gasoline is used for whatever reason and to provide flexability in the wide range of weather season environments this type of vehicle would typically be operated in varying geographical regions.

Dyno Cell and Vehicle Control Conditions at Baseline:
Date- 3-22-05
Ambient Temp- 50.17*
Intake Air Temperature- 53.33*
Absolute Barometric Pressure- 29.43 in./Hg
Humidity- 29%
SAE Correction Factor- .097
Rear Tire Pressure- 35 psi
Engine/Drivetrain Temp.- 205*
Vehicle Mileage- 34,994.0

Dyno Cell and Vehicle Control Conditions at Upgrade Completion:
Date- 6-11-05
Ambient Temp- 82.39*
Intake Air Temperature- 84.41*
Absolute Barometric Pressure- 29.28 in./Hg
Humidity- 52%
SAE Correction Factor- 1.03
Rear Tire Pressure- 35 psi
Engine/Drivetrain Temp.- 179*
Vehicle Mileage- 35,147.0

Baseline-100% stock w/ exception of Dynatech exh. system already installed on vehicle at time of arrival:
313.26 RWHP/333.23 RWTQ

DTE Stage I LS2 Engine Conversion Performance Upgrade Package:
442.69 RWHP/431.05 RWTQ

129.43 RWHP/97.82 RWTQ Gain Over Modified Stock!

Dyno Graph
Click Here

This performance package conversion upgrade is especially appealing for any C5 Corvette over a standard H/C package, because not only does your vehicle receive increased power from the larger engine displacement/combination, but it does so with a much BROADER torque curve that starts very early in the powerband, compared to a standard H/C change that requires a LOT of engine RPM to make power which typically still has a relatively late-starting, soggy torque curve overall. Additionally, you also have the benefit of having a COMPLETELY NEW engine installed into your car with ZERO miles using the latest refined GM engine parts, over a just a H/C only package that still uses your O.E., mile-accrued stock bottom end. Finally, the new 6.0L LS2 engine combination provides an excellent foundation for future performance enhancement modifications.

Our website will be updated shortly to reflect these new powertrain upgrades. Some compnents may be omitted from above package if your current combination already has them installed before the car is delivered to DTE. 2001+ cars may elect to retain the O.E. LS6 intake manifold/throttle body combination. (less overall power output) You will receive original components back not used for conversion (i.e. LS2 intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, valvetrain hardware, balancer, fuel rail, camshaft, original engine assy. etc, etc, etc.) These items may be sold to offset intial conversion cost.

Happy motoring folks and please give us a call/email with any questions/comments! :)

Best Regards,
Philip J. Rickard- President/Owner
Dynotech Engineering, Inc.

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Very, very slick installation

By a happy chance, I saw the Corvette that Phil had modified just as it was finished. Peering down into the engine bay the only obvious non-stock give-aways were: induction filtration and headers. Sound at idle was very civilized (almost disappointing) and there was no obvious idle shake that you would normally expect to see from a cammed motor.

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Great upgrade package. Looking foward to hearing the pricing this evening.


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Pricing added. :)

Additional power may/can be acheived with more aggessive camshaft profiles, so please ask if you would prefer a substitute for the same cost.


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Dyno graph added here and in the original post.

Click Here

The graph would have been posted in the original text/post sooner, but we had a CD burner failure on the chassis dyno PC, for which we just repaired today.

FYI- I will be stepping away from the office in a couple of hours for a business trip and will not return until Wed. morning. I'll answer any questions then. Happy motoring!

Best Regards,
Phil- DTE
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