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In an effort to keep all of our past, present and future customers of DTE informed of our latest product improvements and revisions, we would like to take this time to let everyone know of a couple of product improvements that has just recently been implemented.

1. ALL of our differential strut models now come with a high-gloss, HD powdercoated finish as standard that is upgraded from a painted finish from before. This finish is MUCH more durable and resistant to chipping over time than ever before, in addition to the appearance being much more glossy and smooth for you show-type folks. Colors available are still red and black and there is no additional charge for this finishing upgrade, so the price is still only $379. Weight is also reduced from the intial release for both models with the M6-M12 version at only 20.2 lbs. and the A4 model only at 18.7 lbs. (About the weight of 3.4 gallons of gasoline) Effective manufacturing date of these revisions is/was 2-1-05. :)

2. A few of our customers have been getting confused on just how to properly adjust the strut pre-load rods for their respective application. So as a pro-active measure, we have further refined the strut rod pre-load adjustment procedures to be VERY clear and easy to follow no matter what level of mechanical apptitude one has, so everyone should be able to follow these new refined instructions very easily. Effective date of these instruction revisions is 4-5-05. :)

As always, if anyone has any questions, please call the office, thank you. :)

Happy motoring folks!

Best Regards,
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