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Dyno'd my Stock Z06

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My car has about 3K miles on it and I got it about 2 months ago. The only mod is a B&M. I dyno'd today at 330RWHP and 330RWTQ (SAE corrected). It pulled the EXACT same on each of the three pulls.

How does this compare with others? We had an Autotap on it while it ran and noticed it had 4 degrees of knock retard. Any idea why?
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I dyno'd mine bone stock with about 10000 miles on it, and got SAE corrected numbers of:

340.5 HP
341.6 TQ

I agree with Big Jim's comment about how some tuners may "fudge" a bit on their "after" numbers and would always have more faith in someone who has no interest in what the numbers are. JMHO
Frank...I have seen several requests for a dyno graph posting section. I think we all know that some discrepancy will occur because of variables such as the dyno's themselves, temp, humidity, a Republican president, etc., but there should be some consistency as well. With the 2002 coming out, it might be nice to see the similarities and/or differences. Just a thought... /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Frank, I read that before and found it very interesting. But I think the value is in the graph itself, not the final number. I agree that it would be difficult to compare final readings.
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