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Ok, this is my first post, unfortunately its a call for help! I've had my 03 Z for less than a week and I'm seeing a strange problem...

I went to leave work, came out to my car, battery is dead... I'm thinking ??? Car has been fine for a few days. The car thinks that a Door is ajar, The interior lights wont go off, and they're draining my battery. The only way I can keep my battery from draining is to disconnect it. I did throw a couple LDCM codes, so I'm thinking something is wrong with the module?

This a pain, but I do have another car to drive. The car is under warranty but I'd like to get a good feel for the car so I can troubleshoot future problems. I've noticed the Z's do have some electrical issues. So any help would be appreciated!

So basically I'm getting Door Ajar when all doors and trunk is closed, and the interior lights wont go off. Other than that car is ok, except when the battery is low I can hear the relays clicking all crazy until it's drained completely...

Thanks! Great site btw, I've already learned a TON about my car that would've been very difficult without it!

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