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Engine ticking noise

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Does anyone else have this problem. The engine ticking noise. If you do, could you please explain when(what rpm range), how it happened, and how long its been going on for and what you did to solve the problem. THANKS andy
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Sounds to me like it's just the normal sound of your injectors cycling. W/O hearing the noise it's hard to say, but the injectors are noisey on these cars.
Well I could understand that but its never happened before. It just started. Now when I rev the motor you can hear it more(loud) up in till about 4000rpm. I don't think its a noisy injector???????
Is this ticking sound pronounced or deadened? When you change your oil, look on the magnet for metal particles. There is a known condition for rockerarms loosing their needles. This is one possibility for your noise. There are several other things it could be as well
if you have headers and there's a leak-it will tick
Well anitvenom I would say its pronounced. The reason why is because when at idle the engine sounds normal when I rev it I can hear the noise up in till about 4000rpm. I also have an engine ses light on the code is P0300. Maybe the ses light has something to do with it as well????

I do not have headers on the car. Stock manifolds
Hi there,
I think you should check for some sparkplug arcing first, when darkness hits. Your P0300 is for an engine misfire.
Did you overrev the engine???? If so, you may have bent a valve, or pushrod.
A vacuum test will determine that.
Please keep us posted, c4c5:eek2:
How would I check for spark plug arcing??? No I did not overrev the engine. I wonder what would have caused this problem?? thanks
Oh btw c4c5 the noise is coming from the passenger side of the engine.
Hey WiseGuy. This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I have a ticking noise also. It is most pronounced around 2000 rpm when the engine is under light load. At around 2500 rpm or higher the noise subsides but is still audible. This noise drove me crazy enough until I took it to the dealer. Actually I drove nearly 130 miles to see one of the best, if not the best Corvette tech in the state of Georgia. I was told that the noise was characteristic of the LS6. Well, I was kind of relieved and disappointed. Relieved because they wouldn't have to perform surgery on my car and disappointed because I still had the tick. While I was at the dealer, I test drove a brand new 03 with 6 miles on the speedometer. If I listened real careful I could hear the same thing at 2000 rpm but it was very faint. I thought that with some miles on that car perhaps it would be just as loud as mine.

While I was in Panama City Beach with the Dothan Corvette Caravan, I got the chance to talk with several Z owners and most of them stated they had the "tick". I don't really know how loud their tick is compared to mine but I was somewhat relieved to know I wasn't the only one.

As a side note. I took the Z out yesterday for a nice, long drive and the noise has subsided to the point where it was barely audible. Don't really know why it was more noticeably quiet but it was.

My personal take on all this is a lifter gone wild! That is what it sounds like to me. A lifter that doesn't pump-up will cause the valve to be out of adjustment and consequently the valve will tick.

If it is something serious it will eventually fail and then the warranty will kick in. I have the extended warranty so I should be in good shape for the next few years.

Do a search on engine related noises and you'll find some threads describing everything from failed roller rockers to lifter rollers that have seized and actually wore the roller down to the nub.

Hope this helps!

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Well jub jub sorry to hear about your noise. I also have a check engine light on. I'm definitely going to take it to the dealer. Ill keep you guys posted.
Do you guys think that I should change the oil and put 10w-30 mobil 1???? Might that solve my problem???
I tried 10w30 and didn't notice any difference.

A check engine light and the tick? Doesn't sound good but I hope everything turns out well for you at the dealer.

Well the ses light is on because of a code P0300 Engine misfire. Dont know how I got that code??????
Hi there,
The arcing would show up as sparks coming from the spark plug wires.
Allthebest, c4c5
Would I look where the plug wire connects to the plug or the coil pack?? thanks. ps ill go and look right now and post what I see
Well c4c5 no arcing from the plug wires. At idle no tick when the engine is cold. When the engine warms up to 160* there is a tick when I rev up the motor. As the motor decreases its revs (reving down) after i step on the petal you can hear the tick also. And its alot louder????
To test for wire arcing, simply pull the car out into the dark night, open the hood with no hood light on and look for bluish sparks of light around the spark plugs and along the plug wires. It's best if you have a helper to rev the car a bit. Good luck.
Nope, no blue sparks so I guess no arcing. Im still confused about the P0300 code and how I got it???
Andy. I really think you have a broken piston(or rings, at best). To be pumping oil out of your dipstick tube like it did Saturday, I am certain you have a serious internal motor problem. (Did you do a compression test yet?)
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