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I just got an event code history list for my EB Z06 from my dealer. My car has a TPW of 7/23. My current event code is "3100 Available to Sequence". Does this sound like the appropriate event code for a car that is approximately 3 weeks away from production?

Also, my event code history starts with the following: "1100 Preliminary Order Accepted", then "1101 Preliminary Order Added". I have never seen these event codes listed either here or on the Corvette Forum. Anyone seen these codes. My event code sequence to-date is: 1100, 1101, 2050, 2000, 2050, 2500, 3000, 3100.

Inquiring minds want to know...

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Haven't seen those 1100 codes, but you're well beyound that anyway. Based on what I've heard, you're right where you ought to be. The TPW will stabilize when the sequence number is assigned, then it's off to production.

2001-Order generated to dealer
2005-Order replaced with GM Prospec order
2050-Order changed
2500-Order sent to production, preferenced
3000-Order accepted by production control
3100-Order available to sequence (now the tpw becomes more stable)
3400-Order broadcasted for production
3800-Vehicle produced
4150-Vehicled invoiced to dealer
4200-Vehicle shipped
5000-Vehicle delivered to dealer
6000-Vehicle delivered to customer
6010-Vehicle delivery change

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You are good to go at 3100. 3400 is a very good code because that is essentially "body setup" which means all the options are in house and the vehicle is going to be built really soon.

3100 is the magic step. Prior to that the whole timeframe of a vehicle being built is cloudy.

The thing for all to remember is there is no real firmness of timeframe until the order hits 3100... 3400 is "done deal".

If you call Chevrolet Customer Assistance and get a TPW you will get the car. Noone should quote a TPW until the order goes 3100.
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