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Hi all. I suffered the dreaded ABS module failure, and I'm getting a new
one. (I needed it quick and will see if I can get the failed unit rebuilt
for the future...)

I understand that a brand-new unit needs to be programmed or set to
the car, and I assume this is to get it to understand the difference in
the spin rates of the front and rear tires, because of the difference in
their diameters. According to the tire spec sheets, the stock GY Eagle
F1 supercar tires have diameters of 25.4" front and 26.1" rear. However,
the Hoosiers I am running (and want the ABS to work best with!) have
much closer front and rear diameters, 25.3" and 25.6". So, I am having
the dealer do whatever they have to do, with the Hoosiers on.

Has anyone ever found an issue with ABS acting up when they changed
the relative diameters of their front and rear tires?
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