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Everyone sit down before reading this.....

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Insurance sticker shock!

Ok I have 2 vettes in the family, the new Z06 and a '90. Also insure a 99 Suburban and an 88 Astro Van as a beater/winter vehicle.

The insurance wasn't too; bad even though my oldest is an 18 year old male. He dosen't drive either of the vette's but if you have that mix under one roof your premiums will be higher. I guess even though he isn't listed as a driver he still has access to it.

The killer came in May when my oldest girl(17) passed her test and the youngest turned 16 and got her permit. So.... we now have 3 drivers under 18 in the house with four vehicles 2 being Corvettes. Even though the 90 is being restored, I am the only driver on the Z06, my wife drives the Suburban and the kids share the Astro Van with a $1,000 deductable the insurance bill is.......

$808.00 per MONTH!!!!!!

My agent says it would probably be cheaper to by another car (5 total) to qualify for fleet insurance rates.
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With that in$$$$urance rate, it might explain why that woman drowned her 5 kids.
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