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Exposed headlights- - -C5R

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So many people are asking me about making some exposed headlights that are replicas of the ones on the C5R. Is this something that you guys would want for your car? If I can get 5 or 6 people to give me a 90% agreement that they would buy a set I could talk my partner, who has the money and will back my projects, to start the development on these lights. So what do you say? Would you like a set?
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Ok guy answer me this question. If you found a set of exposed headlights that looked just like the C5R's, and were competetively priced would you want a set? That means you would already have to be interested in a set of exposed headlights.
Breathless Performance Products makes a set of exposed headlight units, kinda like the C5-R.
Look at them on
VPRKLLR -- No they don't! Breathless' do NOT look like the C5-R ones, hence the reason for Jason's post. I don't mean to jump down YOUR throat -- it's just that I think we all hoped that Breathless' and others' would have looked like the C5-R ones, but they simply miss the mark. The C5-R look is what's being asked about here -- not just non-pop-up headlights.

I'd still like to see some C5-R repros, Jason. Do you have a drawing of them made up?

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