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The weather was great here this weekend so I decided to make the most of it and go joyriding in the Z.

After cruising around for a while, I saw a firebird WS6 up in front with a couple of young guys in it. I decided to catch up to them and see if they wanted to play.

We lined up at the next stop light and waited. I looked over at them, and nodded. The driver of the firebird in turn nodded back. The light changed and we both nailed it. For the first couple of seconds it was very close, but by then time I hit second I was starting to pull away. After the change up to second I started pulling out a lead pretty quickly. I shifted to third and eased off the gas at around 80mph.

I pulled in to the left-most lane to make a u-turn, and waved at the firebird guys as they drove past. They both raised their arms out of their windows and gave me a wave of their own - the old middle finger salute!

I guess they didn't like getting beat huh!

Just as well I didn't use the spray, that would have really pissed them off!

Now if I could just find a few ford guys that want to take a beating...

2001 Z06, Tag "EVIL Z06"
Torch red, solid black interior
NGK TR6 plugs & Taylor wires
Halltech Z06 TRIC + MAG
NX 150hp Wet Kit
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