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Well i bought this with the intent of building badass 402 Z06 but I am starting my own business and I now must sell. It is off of car and ready to go. The F1-R blower head unit has around 500 miles on it. This is a bolt on 6 rib setup. All of the pulleys are 6 rib. Please understand This is not the kit from ATI. The only part from ATI is the head unit and the Blow off valve. The head unit is still under warranty through ATI. Here is my setup:

ATI F1-R Blower
4.75" 6 rib pulley
Spearco Air to water intercooler
Dual B&M heat exchangers
Push lock hose and fittings for all the water lines.
Water pump for intercooler liquid
Custom welded Aluminum Ice box fits in the well in the trunk.
All Silicone hose from Turbo People. The good thick gauge.
Racetronix 57lb Siemans high impedence injectors. Same as 60lb delphi
Andy's custom bracket from A&A Corvettes.
New Haltech air filter.
All metal tubing for connection.

The Head unit has some wear marks on the Ati tag and the body of it. The unit has a high polish finish on it from ATI, but needs
some more buffing to get the marks out. I will do my best to polish it by hand.

I can email more pics if anyone is serious about buying. A lot of money went into this system and it is cool! The liquid pump circulates 660 gallons per hour! I do not have any Dyno numbers of the setup, but I assure you that you will be impressed. This is for someone that is looking for something original and ready to go. I have pics available if interested. I am looking to sell whole kit. Also have New comp cam I was going to use I think it specs out at 234/238 595 598 115lsa. I am asking for 7000 obo plus i will pay half of shipping. That includes everything listed above. Remember complete D1 setups usually go for 6000 and this is a complete F1R setup! My phone # is 951 805 7007 if you are interested. or send im.

Also have 4.10 diff from Vette around 5k miles no whine ready to go. Putting car back to stock so need 3.42 core. so I will sell for 600 plus core. obo

01 thin spokes from Vette A little curb rash but no too bad Rims are strait though. This would be good for racing set up or something. 400 for whole set can provide pics as well.
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