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I have my Maggie package installed now from LPE and I have leftover parts. My car had 7546 miles at install so all parts are young.

BPP Vortex CAI with pre-cut shroud! All clips are attached
$175 shipped SOLD

Halltech air bridge with couplers & clamps on each end
$125 shipped SOLD

2003 Z06 intake manifold (I have other miscellaneous parts for this too, but not sure what they are. If you need it, I can dig it up) I'll get a better photo tonight.
$300 shipped SOLD

License plate frame. This will not fit mine with the escort ZR3 installed.
$20 shipped

Stock Z06 Thermostat (not sure what temp, just that it is the stock one)
$30 shipped

I also have a brand new unopened throttle body coolant bypass kit. I'll get a photo tonight.

$15 shipped

I prefer paypal but can work something else out if need be. All parts will be shipped UPS.

PM me with questions, or email me at [email protected]


Adam :z:

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email sent on Vortex CAI and Halltech Airbridge.


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What the heck is wrong with this guy? I replied on the Z06 intake and 3 hrs later he sells it to someone else. Here is our entire conversation:

ME (9:31am): I'll take the Z06 intake manifold for $300 shipped to zip 53089.
How would you like payment?

Adam (9:33am): I have a paypal account. Send it to ********
I will get an email from paypal once the money is in. If it goes in today, I'll send the intake out after work tonight!
Thanks,Adam Griffin

ME (11:58am): Hey, I noticed you are local. Any chance you are coming to the Milwaukee area in the near future (state fair, etc.)? Maybe we could meet up and save the shipping.

Adam (12:47pm): Just sold the manifold, sorry. Adam

ME (12:55pm): Huh? You just sold it to me at 9:33am...

You sold it to someone else 3 hrs after you said it was mine? I'll be sure to let everyone on the forums know what an honorable person you are.

Adam (1:05pm): As I have been stating, I have been getting A LOT of activity on these items, and don't have time to argue about price. So I got someone willing to pay full price who PAID while we were argueing about price.
I'm sorry you feel the way you do. I have sold may items in the past months and have NEVER had one bad remark against me. In fact everyone is usually very suprised when they get the items within 2 days. If it makes you feel better to badmouth someone, then go ahead. Thanks, Adam

ME (1:10pm): Who's arguing about price? I asked about meeting up and saving cost/trouble of shipping. If you didn't want to then answer would be "no". Then I would have said OK and gone ahead with shipping. I can't even get to Paypal through work to have made the transaction. I don't think it's fair to expect turnaround in less then a few hours.

Adam (1:20pm): Then no. I never go to Milwaukee. Actually, I avoid it.

WTF! He screws me over and then makes a dig at the city I live near? Who argued about the price? I just asked if he was coming up to town in the near future. State fair is this week and a lot of people go to it. I could meet up with a fellow Vette enthusiast (with a new supercharger) and talk cars, whatever. I'm not too concerned about the $10 that shipping would have been. If he didn't want to then fine, say no and the transaction would have completed with shipping. It's not like I wasn't responsive to him.

Oh well, hopefully Khama exists and what goes around, comes around.

George E.

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Oh boy, here we go...

Like I said, there has been a lot of activity on these items. I never heard back from you for almost 3 hours. What am I supposed to think? How long do I hold on, a day, a week, what? You never replied in 3 hours, so I have no choice but to assume you didn't want the item. Then you ask me if I can deliver to Milwaukee? Uh no. Also, I'm sorry you feel the need to post our PRIVATE messages publicly. I thought they were called Private Messages for a reason, guess not. Anyway, I did nothing dishonorable, and never would. Hopefully the forum members will see this.

And I'm not too sure about "Khama", but I'm pretty sure Kharma does exist.


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