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F1 Pavement Painters and Spin Quota's

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We just took some full speed, power turning, exercise runs and launch tests for 0-135. We noticed what seemed to be a lot of F1 Supercar compound left on the pavement in the turning and also couldn't decide how to get the best initial bite for top 0-135 launches. We didn't get any wheel hop but a lot of tire burn and spinning. Please comment on these two questions.

1. Anybody notice that these OEM tires are softer or more prone to pavement marking in your test runs?

2. How did the launches sound (amount of wheel spin vs clutch slip specifically) you experienced that netted your fastest times so far?

We achieved a quick roll and full hammer with no real spin or a typical "hot" burnout type launch but we were doing one car tests and could not get a feel for which of the techniques would be faster.


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The Eagle F1 supercar tires are a fairly soft compound. When I lapped last fall at a high speed road course (speeds over 155 mph) I took an amazing amount of rubber off the tires. In fact, all the tire grooves on the outside of the front tires were worn away. But, they bad boys sure do stick in the turns. The straight ahead traction at launch seems a little better than other tires I've run on C5 including Firehawks, and Mich. Pilots.
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