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Z06 and XLR-V launches

Over the past several months,
our plant has been working hard on
the ZO6 and XLR-V launches. This
week we finished the last of the MVB
saleable ZO6 units, and last week we
completed the 20 nonsaleable XLR-V
series units, said Quality Launch
Manager Patrick Sweeney. “We
learned a lot in the MVB bucket, fixed
issues in the saleable bucket, and
now the cars look really good,” he
Production Launch Manager
John Spencer said many areas saw
significant changes during this
launch. Chassis (25-10) had all new
parts to work with. The ZO6 has a
new engine, new torque tube, and
new brakes, and body marriage is a
bigger challenge, Spencer said.
“The biggest obstacle was
exterior panel fits,” Spencer said.
Fender and front fascia fits had a
major impact on 25-30 because the
new parts had to match up with
existing panels.
In Cadillac the XLR-V
supercharger and inner cooler
required new hoses and pipe routing
in the car, which was a big challenge
for operators to handle, Spencer
Susan Sweeney, GA area
manager, said she is very proud of
Cadillac for building the first XLR-V
on line which started without a
problem. “We’re still working on last
minute changes for the ZO6, but it’s
almost ready for sale. We’re in better
shape than any other recent
launches,” she said.
Paint Process Manager Kim
Carey said they planned in advance
for the ZO6 so the paint carriers are
compatible for the coupes,
convertibles, and ZO6s. They were
able to use their new computer
software to reprogram the robots for
changes such as the flared fenders
on the ZO6 and the raised portion on
the hood of the XLR-V. Other
challenges included painting the
carbon fiber panels, but they weren’t
as tough as the carbon fiber hood on
last year’s ZO6, she said. They are
still working on some challenges.
“We were able to do the
programming via computer, so it ran
pretty smoothly in the shorter time
frame,” Carey said.

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Good update. It's often easy to criticize build, fit, and finish quality of our cars but it's a monumental effort and they try really hard. Hat's off to the men and women on the lines! :guiness:

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Nice to be brought up to speed.

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Thanks for the heads up, sounds like they are better prepared than the Z16 hood debacle.

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