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A number of business people who like to drive fast are getting together in 10 days. After the success of the last meeting at Buttonwillow, a bunch of us thought getting together closer to home might make for an even better event. If you don't want to drive, but you want to visit for awhile, watch and network with others, you are welcome to do that, too. This group is largely Tech Executives, but all are welcome.

This upcoming Speedventures hosted event will be fun because they are having several car specific groups. Speed Ventures will host Symbolic Motors and its Lotus Elise and Lamborghini customers on Saturday. Symbolic will bring some exciting cars to showcase (and possibly drive?!?) at the track.

Also attending on Sunday will be the Ferrari Driving Club. Ferrari Driving Club members will run their beautiful and exotic machinery as they were meant to be run. Cars expected to be on hand for this event include the Enzo, as well as an assortment of Lamborghini and other exotic cars including the Ford GT.

And of course, we will have a small contingent of Corvette drivers as you can see from the partial list of folks below who have committed to going. Many are forum members.

I am registered for both days of the Speedventures event out in Fontana. Here is the link if you are going, too:

So far the following drivers from our tech centric contingent have said they are going:
- President of InteleNet (a datacenter), BMW
- Principal at Neudesic, Porsche
Neudesic guest 2 - Ferrari
Neudesic guest 3 -
- Tech Exec (Saturday only), Nissan 350z Twin Turbo
- Fireman, Doug Rippie Corvette
Dr. FatBillyBob - Ferrari or Corvette Z06
- President, San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership, Corvette Z06
- Aranda, Pontiac GTO
- CTO Alvaka, Mustang Cobra SVT
- VP, Thor Technical Services, Corvette Z06
- CEO, Alvaka, Corvette Z06
- Autozone Area Manager, Corvette Z06
- President, Galaxy Plumbing, Corvette Z06
- President, Avaton (Security appliances), Networking only
- President, Invesdata/Point Center Financial - Networking only

Driving on the track has its share of risks as you can imagine. While I have never seen anyone hurt during the track days I have attended, two men died at California Speedway about a week ago when they crashed their very high horsepower Porsche. These events are usually fairly uneventful, but every once in awhile tragedy does strike. For me, going to the track is much more responsible than doing some of the stupid fast driving most of us have done on public highways. Learning to drive my car fast on the track has curbed my desire to do so on the streets. I also REALLY learned how to drive good on the track and improved my car control substantially which has helped me be a safer driver on the streets. So whatever you decide, use your discretion and drive safely wherever you drive.

Sign-up if you want to drive. Just show up if you want to watch, hang-out and network a bit.

Fast Regards

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