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Baer Eradispeed 2pc. 14" rear rotors

How do like the rear rotors in looks & performance? Do you race your car or just for the streets?

I learned from a forum member that Baer recently modified the 14-inchers by increasing hat size. I called a couple distributors to find out if it will fit in the stock Z06 wheels and since I will be utilizing the stock rear calipers, will it sweep the entire rotor surface? While the stores that I called both confirmed that there will be no problem w/ the stock size wheels, I received conflicting answers in reagrds to the stock calipers sweeping the entire surface. Can anyone validate this pls.?

Also, while searching on the web, I came across this store which had this notice:

**Note: The C5 Eradispeed rotors will come in a two piece design for the front and a one piece (enhanced style) for the rear, this is done due to the parking brake mechanism which is a drum packaged inside the rear rotor hat on the C5. However, please note that the rear Enhanced rotor is also of same casting quality and features as employed in the front EradiSpeed(tm) rotor unit.
Do the 14-inchers require modification to the parking brake mech?


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