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DISCLAIMER: I am not now, nor have I ever been an employee of Fikse USA. I have never received any merchandise (except for two hats) that I haven't paid for. THIS IS NOT AN AD.

Jim Fikse has been a personal friend for 24 years, and has been into racing for a lot longer than that. When he started his wheel biz I knew he would keep that interest. He always built wheels for street Vettes (I bought a set of 5-spokes for my '89 coupe, with 11x17 rears w/315s) as well as Ferraris, Porsches & BMWs. The same wheels that we buy for our streeters are the ones the BMW M5s went racing on.

Now when he got them on the Callaway Corvette, AND they went to LeMans...very coool! I hope he can someday get the C5-Rs to put Fikse USA wheels on an AMERICAN race car! USA...USA...USA!!!


P.S.: I'm waiting for his new 1-piece, forged, billet 18" & 19" wheels... they are in the prototype stage now. Hint, hint Jim...
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