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film to protect front end during track driving?

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Hi, I'm going to a driving school in a couple of weeks. In lieu of buying an expensive front-end bra, I was hoping someone could point me to where I can buy that plastic film that one applies before the race and removes after.

Any pointers?

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I saw on one of the car mags where they used rolls of clear drawer liner on a vette they took in the desert that was self-adhering on one side (the plastic not the vette). I would test it first whatever I chose........ whatever you do I would stay away from the pink Saran wrap and super glue method.

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You can get a liquid masking that sprays on and washes off. I bought a gallon last week for $12.95 at a local automotive paint shop.

If I were you, I'd get a GM bra for 75 bucks. Looks good, fits good, and will protect the front from chips. Easy on easy off.

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redz06 •Try StonGard (Stone Guard) it is a clear film (I saw it on the front of a silver 2001 Porsche Turbo - it was almost impossible to see + they guarantee your paint!)
and you don't have to take it on and off.

I don't have the web site but it is something like:

HarleyB (I'm betting it for my Z and wife's SLK)

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Thanks guys. I didn't realize the GM bra was only $75. I'll try that first.


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