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DETROIT - General Motors today announced the extension and modification of its highly successful 'Keep America Rolling' interest-free automotive finance program, which will become effective November 19 and will run through January 2, 2002. The program will be available on most 2001 & 2002 Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, GMC, Chevrolet and Saturn models.

"When we announced 'Keep America Rolling' we hoped it would positively impact automotive sales and help stimulate consumer spending," said GM Group Vice President for Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing, Bill Lovejoy. "Results have been beyond anyone's expectations."

"We have clearly achieved our objectives in a cost efficient manner," said Lovejoy, "and our decision to continue to 'Keep America Rolling' through the end of the year is to build on our positive momentum and overwhelming public reception to this program."

Financing terms for 'Keep America Rolling' are as follows:

APR TERMS: November 19, 2001 - January 2, 2002
(GMAC financing for qualified retail and commercial customers)

All Passenger Cars 36 months - 0.0%
Pontiac Aztek 48 months - 1.9%
Buick Rendezvous 60 months - 3.9%
Midsize Vans

All Pickups 36 months - 0.0%
All Utilities 48 months - 3.9%
Full-Size Vans 60 months - 5.9%
Medium Duty Trucks

(Exclusions: All Cadillacs, Chevrolet Corvette, Saturn VUE and Saturn L100 Special Edition)
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