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I took my '02 Z06 to Houston Raceway Park to put some initial baseline passes last night. I picked it up Saturday, and had put 1100 miles on the car and made the first oil change, so I felt now was the time to go make the first shakedown pass. Due to oil downs and an emergency page from work I was only able to make one pass. But I was impressed.

The Z06 to me did not feel as fast as the clock showed when I picked up my timeslip. I think this is because the power comes on very smoothly and across more of the band than other small block cars I have driven. After just playing around on the street I figured the car to be a 12.90/107-108 ride bone stock, just by the seat of the pants feel.

I had driven a 98 Z28 with 400 miles on it (back in 98) and it went 13.09/107 bone stock. I was impressed then by the way the LS1 revved. The Z06 felt faster, but I wasn't sure how much. I went conservative on the first pass and left at 1100-1200 rpm since I didn't know how the car was going to hook on the stock radials.

I was racing a 2000 6speed TransAm on gas. My car bogged coming out of the hole since I left so easy, and the TransAM totally killed me. He missed third gear, and I was able to make up some ground, and he ended up beating me by about 2 car lengths.

When I picked up my timeslip I was fairly amazed. While it is obvious that there is a lot of room for improvement, as evidenced by some of ya'lls times, I felt alot better about the purchase of the Z after this.


60' ... 2.159
330 ... 5.610
1/8 ... 8.355
MPH ... 90.69
1000 ... 10.716
1/4 ... 12.716
MPH ... 111.41

Just in looking at the 60' times. I feel confident that I can get the car to a 1.8 - 1.9 60' time. Which would indicate to me that the car should go 12.20-12.30 bone stock. I am sure that there is some more time once I get a better feel for the shift points. The car seems to pull all the way to the rev limiter. I found last night playing around on the street that it was real easy to bump into the rev limiter.

All in all though, I am fairly pleased with what I have seen so far.
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