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first time poster

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hi, this is my first time posting and soon to own my first vette 02 zo6 i have the first alotment at our dealership. i am a salesman at one of the largest chevy dealerships lou grubb chevrolet in peoria az just north of phoenix. just killing some time and to say hi to all the members. thx tom
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thanks i am not here to sell a car even though i am in car sales please dont judge all car salesman the same there are some good ones but they are hard to find. i am just looking forward to my 02 zo6 thanks
you cant order the color yet for the 02 zo6 you have to wait till gm gives you the alotment. then you place your order no alotments have been given out yet but i have the first here . i am still debating on color.
thx blue i will help in anyway
thx everyone for the warm welcome
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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