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Flashing Engine light, white smoke out back?

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My ZO6 came on tonight with the Check Engine light... about 5 miles later, it starts to flash, DIC said 32 PSI oil pressure... so I do not panic... I come to a stop and the engine died... all kinds of white smoke out the back... a few cranks later, we are off and running, check engine light still blinking... Passenger checks the manual.. a flashing check engine = missfire? which makes sence, the car feels like it is running on 4 or 6 not all 8...
Lots of white smoke... parked the car, the smoke was very sweet smelling, did not smell like oil...

I also dumped in a quart of Mobil 1 which I carry with me...

Any ideas?

Will be taking it to dealer in the AM.
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The only sweet smelling liquid in a car is antifreeze - and that generates white smoke. Sounds like the engine is leaking antifreeze into the combustion chamber. Could be a bad manifold gasket. Needs to go to the hospital ASAP.
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