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As many of you may already know, I am purchasing HRE's for my Z06 and I can't afford to hold on to the Z06 wheels and tires. I hate to see them go, but I gotta make way for the new.
Right now the OEM style wheels with the dark finish (not the chrome) are hard to come by, and I have heard that the factory may switch to cast wheels before the end of this model year, in which case, the strength would not be as good and the finish not as crisp. Kevin Fitchner sells the set for $1660.96 to forum members, minus shipping, but I have heard that the factory is back ordering the wheels currently. The tires from tire rack sell for $1068.00, minus shipping, and as far as I know they are available. My wheels and tires have only 165 miles on them and they are perfect! They won't be available until May 12th and 13th, however, since my new wheels won't be here until then. The car is not being driven so the mileage I have quoted will remain at 165. I am asking $3,200, or best offer, for the wheels and tires, shipping not included, although I will ship them or they can be picked up in Auburn in Northern Ca. They are already mounted and balanced, ofcourse. This is just over what the factory is asking for them ($471.04), if you could get them from the factory right now. I have a lot of people asking me about them so the demand is high, but I am willing to take offers. Obviously, the first person to give me all of what I want for them is the first to take these beautiful wheels home. For pics of the wheels please refer to my posts in the Grandstand.
Thanks, Brian
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